We provide highly intelligent financial insights

Lend.Ezee provides a comprehensive, flexible and highly integrated digital lending origination platform that covers everything from unconditional approval and customer journey. Lend.Ezee proudly provides a “zero-code” service which business and IT staff can easily manage and maintain.

Lend.Ezee helps a financial institution’s leaders and employees to become empowered through accurate insights into the business products and integrates account opening, customer onboarding, workflow, deposit accounts, content management, instant reporting capabilities, credit analysis and more. Lend.Ezee creates an easily navigable approach to a company’s core and transactional systems, at the same time alleviating the need for manual-based processes and replacing point solutions.

A global approach to financial insights

Lend.Ezee is making global waves for retail lending and SME. Our solution can easily create and automate seamless processing for term deposits and liabilities products. Lend.Ezee can also be utilised for credit dispute resolution and to manage multiple service requests.

Lend.Ezee optimises ROI for businesses by delivering revenue growth through faster turnaround times, as well as enhancing productivity due to process automation. Lend.Ezee can help you improve your customer relationships and improve compliance through regulating data integrity.

Benefits of our solution

Lend.Ezee’s insights feature comes with a range of benefits for digital lending origination, including:

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A global approach to credit and financial insights


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