Consulting Services

Product Development

Zeal have been in a position to assist many existing and start up financial clients with strategic advice on implementing innovative finance products in order to grow their revenue base whilst minimising the risk of potential losses.

Target Marketing Campaigns

Zeal are experts in the provisioning for high risk customer segmentation’s that allow organisation’s start up business to develop new market opportunities. We can assist in the growth and development in existing and new customers through data driven processes available to the experienced Zeal team.

Collections, Debt Recovery & Sale of Debt

We have been acknowledged as a leader in Performance Monitoring, Segmentation Analysis and innovative data sources that assists our Clients manage Collection and Debt Recovery processes in a highly efficient manner. We develop bespoke Client strategies to manage bad debt through data driven processes and also offer a software application, CONNECT-Collections (refer our Products & Solutions page), to handle the whole Collections Life-cycle and integrate.

Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR)

We have been acknowledged as an industry leader in the data provision to all three credit bureaux. Additionally, we offer a software application, CONNECT-CCR (refer our Products & Solutions page), that enables the transformation of data into the ACRDS format and send/receive to all bureaux to rapidly enable CCR compliance to any Credit Provider.

Decision Systems

We have delivered many Decision Systems to our clients from front end Origination applications, Account Management and Collections and Loss Recovery systems. This capability is also aligned with our CCR delivery to ensure maximum use of Credit Bureaux reports in the Credit Risk decision making process.

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