About Us

Zeal Solutions was founded in 2006, and it was initially a consulting organization specializing in Consumer & Commercial Risk. In 2010, the management team made the decision to diversify its product offering by enabling a Technology division that would allow its existing and prospective clients a one stop shop in order to meet critical business objectives in a cost effective approach.

We provide leading edge solutions within the finance, automotive and utilities sectors across the credit lifecycle for both consumer and commercial products. Our team has extensive knowledge in credit risk, fraud prevention, target marketing campaigns and automated decision systems implementations on the Origination, Account Management, Collection and Debt Recovery processes.

Zeal Solutions delivers business services from a position of strength. We can offer you the resources with more than 10 years of market leadership.

Why choose us

Product Development

Zeal Solutions provides professional consultants in the development of credit applications from Mortgages, Personal Loans and Credit Cards.

Credit Risk Management

Zeal Solutions can assist an organisation through the entire credit lifecycle in order for the to minimise risk through strategy development in credit policies and systems enhancements or implementations.

Operational Capabilities

Our operational abilities in Business Process Reengineering, Collection/Debt Recovery, Offshore Development, Business Process Outsource and Resource Management.

Providing Cost Effective Solutions

Our customers include some of the region’s largest corporations through to many successful small and medium sized businesses. Our partnership approach means we work with you to develop solutions to meet your specific needs. They are reliable, secure and simple to operate, and ensure a cost-effective and efficient solution for the needs of your organization.

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